Wax & Dressing UFO Applicator - Red

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Use This Applicator To: 

  • Clean the surface to be coated, protected, or dressed.
  • Use an all purpose cleaner, car wash soap, or specialty cleaner to remove any embedded debris, dirt, grease, or grime.
  • Apply 3 - 6 dots of any Chemical Guys cream or gel product onto the applicator pad.
  • Gently spread the chosen product over the work piece in straight lines.
  • Work to ensure a thin, even coat over the entire surface. Store in a clean, dry place between uses
  • Laser cut finishing foam applicator pad
  • Ideal for that final touch of perfection
  • Bright red foam highlights any dirt, grime, and grease for extra special care on paintwork and other sensitive surfaces
  • Designed for bright and light color cars
  • Ideal for use with cream or paste waxes, leather conditioners, and dressings
  • Reduces product waste
  • 100% machine washable
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